Dilek Süslüer

Dilek Süslüer is a modality whose nature is easily created creativity, which transforms production with hard work and contributes to fashion in its own line with passion. 1977 born in Izmir and Izmir love; Dilek Süslüer first met at the cousin's atelier with the fashion sector ...

In the youth years, higher education continued. Later on, the experience he has gained in these areas was edited by editors of famous brands, editors of stores, general coordinators of stores and apparel design department. FASHION DESIGN was trained.

Marketing consultancy was made abroad in areas such as Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany and France and various workshops participated in fashion design.

With his "DS Dilek Süslüer" series which he created himself, he took part in the brand's collections more than abroad and abroad. Innovative and young spirit is in the designers. Strengthening and trying to produce with easy dressing practice; cocktail and party dresses special collection contribution to the liking of fashion lovers.

Dilek Süslüer İzmir - Dilek Süslüer World founded Izmir İzmir Fashion Designers Association. İMOT Association is still the Chairman of the Board of Directors ..